• Write a program to find the second largest number in a list without sorting the list. L=[10,23,45,11,40,21,40] Unlimited
    • Write a function to print Fibonacci series between 10 to 100 Unlimited
    • Given a list of integers and a number K, return which contiguous elements of the list sum to k. Unlimited
    • Count the total number of digits in a number Unlimited
    • Given an array of elements, return the length of the longest subarray where all its elements are distinct. Unlimited
    • Convert string into a datetime object Unlimited
    • Remove special symbols / punctuation from a string Unlimited
    • Find the largest item from a list Unlimited
    • Sort following NumPy array Array=[[34,43,73],[82,22,12],[53,94,66]] a) Sort array by the second row b) Sort the array by the second column Unlimited
    • Please refer below document Unlimited

Course Eligibility