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With enough experience, skill-building, and consistent performance evaluation, you may be able to improve your chances of trading profitably. Finally, day trading involves pitting wits with millions of market pros who have access to cutting-edge technology, a wealth of experience and expertise, and very deep pockets. That’s no easy task when everyone is trying to exploit inefficiencies in efficient markets.

Country – Where the investor is located (we don’t think this really matters so we advise just leaving it as ‘everywhere’). As such, in this section of our guide on the 5 best Traders on eToro, we have compiled a list of steps needed to get started today. As we briefly covered earlier, copy trading enables you to copy other investor’s trading decisions, for better or for worse.

Remember, it’s the internet, there is always a risk that people might not be who they say they are. Thus, we decided to provide this resource of carefully-analyzed pro traders that are safe to copy for any beginner trader. It is regularly updated to ensure you are not putting your capital at risk from scammers when social trading. JC parets is a well-known American businessman who also built his website named ‘allstarcharts’ which offers material for beginners investors.

Renko Trading – Day trading with Renko Charts

The opinions expressed are the author’s alone and have not been provided, approved, or otherwise endorsed by our partners. Lightspeed the richest man in babylon review performed well in our customer service tests. We were able to quickly reach a representative and not left on hold.

What is the golden rule of trading?


The first golden rule of trading is 'there is no short cut to quick earning'. Investors should follow a process to reach their financial goals, which include financial constraints and a strategy that help match your goals with those constraints.

Several trend-following tools can be used for analysing specific markets including equities, treasuries, currencies and commodities. Trend traders will need to exercise their patience as ‘riding the trend’ can be difficult. However, with enough confidence in their trading system, the trend trader should be able to stay disciplined and follow their rules.

Even if each day trader has his own preferences on how to retrieve the freshest market news, a growing number of traders is taking advantage of Twitter’s fast and reliable feeds. With a large following of over 1.2 million followers, PlanB is run anonymously, yet provides some of the top bitcoin analyses to their followers. The informational data they provide has helped them to be credited for creating and making popular Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow economic model. They advocate for the supply of bitcoin and demand elasticity to project the future market value. Individuals looking for updated analysis are recommended to follow this account for future benefits.

Additionally, swing traders will need to identify trends where the markets encounter increasing levels of supply or demand. Traders also consider if momentum is increasing or decreasing within each swing while monitoring trades. Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 78% of retail investor accounts lose money when spread betting and/or trading CFDs with this provider.

Trend trading and day trading could easily be the most popular trading strategies out there. Ivan has millions of views on TradingView because he frequently shares trading ideas with great explanations that helps new traders learn. DatTong is another highly viewed and followed trader who trades all kinds of pairs. He has some cryptocurrency charts mixed in, but there are also a lot of forex charts shared.

Copiers – Find investors based on social trading activity status. During your selection process, proceed with caution and properly utilise the filter facilities. This will save you a lot of time, as there are literally millions of traders in this space. With that being said, there are thousands of copy traders to choose from at eToro, so you really need to do some homework before taking the plunge. The copy trader you decide on is going to use their skills to trade on your behalf . This means how much money are you willing to put forward for the investor to trade with.

Swing trading strategy

Moon333 is a harmonic trader unlike any of the others on this list. Moon uses harmonic trading patterns to share trade ideas many times a day across loads of different trading pairs. About – Nate originally founded the Investors Underground community in 2008 with the goal of creating the top trading service on the web. About – Warrior Trading teaches students how to Day Trade Momentum Strategies.

With over $5 million assets under management on eToro, Olivier has a low-risk trading strategy with strict money management rules and a target of 1% per month. He is a former professional gamer, esports manager, and logistics coordinator with interests in the financial markets, crypto, logistics, economics and technology – to name a few. There are thousands of successful copy traders on eToro, but Jay Edward Smith is currently one of the most copied on the platform.

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Forex Crunch also posts analysis and market views of major banks, which can come very helpful to traders. The world’s most famous stock traders and crypto traders in crypto have a lot in common. These traders control billions of dollars worth of assets and have a deep understanding of trading techniques and the global markets as a whole.

Day traders take advantage of price fluctuations in-between the market open and close hours. Day traders often hold multiple positions open in a day, but do not leave positions open overnight in order to minimise the risk of overnight market volatility. It’s recommended that day traders follow an organised trading plan that axitrader review can quickly adapt to fast market movements. The key factors necessary to succeed in day trading are fast, reliable execution of trades and the lowest possible trading commissions. A day trader can have a majority of winning trades, yet still lose money at the end of the day if their commissions outweigh their profits.

Who is the best trader in the world?

  1. Jesse Livermore. Jesse Lauriston Livermore (1877–1940) was an American trader famous for both colossal gains and losses in the market.
  2. William Delbert Gann.
  3. George Soros.
  4. Jim Rogers.
  5. Richard Dennis.
  6. Paul Tudor Jones.
  7. John Paulson.
  8. Steven Cohen.

Copying a trader means that you don’t have to do any homework yourself. Of course, that’s not to say it doesn’t come with any risks – that’s the nature of trading. Nevertheless, the copy trading scene is largely dominated by eToro – a platform that is now home to over 12 million traders. Many traders look to trade European markets in the first two hours when there is high liquidity.

Top 50 Traders On Twitter – 2022 Edition

Quality of order execution is of paramount importance to day traders. Direct market access is available for both stocks and options, allowing traders to decide how they want their orders to be routed. Sam Seiden specializes in price action trading using supply and demand analysis. He first came to prominence when he explained his approach to trading in

best traders to follow

We review our trades each day for students in our Chat Room.Warrior Trading is the fastest growing community of traders online. This blog will look at current-day trading futures examples and present the information necessary to set up and trade the S&P E-mini futures market. Learn how to day trade the E-mini S&P and other markets with our day trading courses, trading software, and coaching programs.

This Stock Blog gives insight on daily stock market trading as well as stock trading analysis. We also list stocks to buy, top stocks, stock picks, and the best stocks to invest in 2018. If you are looking for a stock blog about hot stocks that are rising, you came to the right place. The ultimate trading website featuring some of the best stock market gurus around.

Scalping is suitable for people who want to trade flexibly. Decide the timeframe in which to follow the trend and try to keep this consistent. During strong trends, it’s possible to use retracement swings to enter in the direction of the trend. These points are also referred to as ‘pullbacks’ or ‘dips’ in an existing trend. Day trading entered the mainstream during the dot-com market boom and bust of the late 1990s, and saw a resurgence of popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. In our tests customer service was very good across the board.

Decide what type of orders you’ll use to enter and exit trades. A market order is executed at the best price available at the time, with no price guarantee. It’s useful when you just want in or out of the market and don’t care about getting filled at a specific price.

He offers good observations and ideas to create stock charts not to mention provides information about current stock values. He Tweets regularly to keep his followers updated about any ongoing happenings in the stock markets. He grips the swing Trends in stock markets and Tweets about instructional material and some of his life-experience ideas. You can follow him if you want to improve your trading skills. His Twitter feed summarizes everything you need to know about trading. Also, his Tweets guide you to become a better investor.

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As a result, the company’s profit matched the annual income that McDonald’s recorded in 1996. However, the most lucrative deals in Soros’ career have been with the pound sterling. In 1992, Soros became one the best day trader, making eurusd quotes a net profit of $200 million in just a month. As with all investment opportunities, there’s potential to make or lose money with copy trading. However, there’s always a risk of losing money if the trader you copy makes a loss.

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