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May 09, 2022


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How MskillO Works

What You Will Learn?

Programming Basics

Learn fundamental concepts of programming using Javascript like functions, operators, variables, conditional statements, 1D and 2D arrays and build a solid foundation

Data Structures and Algorithms

Solve problems on Sorting algorithms, Binary Search, Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Binary Trees, Dynamic Programming to improve logical thinking and problem solving

Fullstack Development

Learn how to build scalable websites which can be used by millions of users using concepts like HTML, CSS, Angular.js, Javascript, Bootstrap, Node.js, Express.js, SQL, MangoDB, Python & Django

Placement Preparation

Be interview ready by improving your resume, Github Portfolio, soft skills and taking mock interviews. We offer 1-1 Dedicated Job Support from Top HR Firms All over India.

Why to Learn Full Stack?

45 minutes Live Online Counselling Session

Why you should attend the Free Counselling Session

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250+ Hiring Partners & More than 12000+ Successful Placements since 2014

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MskillO Job Guaranteed Full Stack Career Tracks

Pay As You Go


₹ 23,999 (Including 18% GST)

Student Loans and No Cost EMI from Our Preferred Partner Banks

Course Fee             ₹19,491/-

GST                        ₹3509/-

Total                      ₹23,999/-

Pay After Placement

₹ 15,000/-

₹ 8999/-


ISA Termed Fee
Pay after you get a job
Emi Support available for credit cards. Please select EMI option while making payment for more information

Course Fee               ₹7627/-

GST                          ₹1372/-

Total                        ₹8999/-

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay After Placement is a unique policy that requires you to pay only once you get placed and pay the fee on the basis of the gross monthly salary you secure.

The pay-as-you-go business model enables consumers to make a one-time purchase of a product or service without having to subscribe to a regular payment.

We deal with the Indstry-ready curriculum and we teach you from scractch.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, BootStrap, Python, DJango, MEAN Stack & MERN and lot more.

An income share agreement (ISA) is a financial obligation in which a student receives funding for education-related expenses in exchange for paying an agreed upon percentage of income over a defined number of months. It is not a traditional loan or grant, and there is no principal balance or interest rate. ISAs pay today’s tuition with tomorrow’s earnings.

ISAs are flexible, innovative funding tools that provide students an alternative to traditional educational loans and other payment mechanisms. Pay Only Once you Start the Career with 4LPA 

MskillO is designed to get anyone ready for a tech job within a short time. Your degree, branch, marks, or backlogs — nothing is a barrier to join the program and get a tech job. You need not have any previous coding knowledge. You’ll learn everything from scratch.
If you are a passed-out of 2015 or Later, Your career gap is not a barrier to getting a tech job. Tech 4.0 Companies are relaying on SKILLS than Experience/Certificates. Our Experienced Trainers & Mentors will help u to Gain Real world Knowledge & Make you to build High End Web applications which helps as proof of work (PoW) 
Yes, you need a Good Laptop with minimum i5 Configuration, 6GB/8GB RAM  laptop/PC to learn effectively. While you can attend sessions, participate in quizzes on your mobile, you will need a laptop to work on coding assignments and projects.

Our State of the Art Job Ready Full Stack Curriculum is 9 Tracks, Our Program Starts with Basic Programming Fundamentals & Complete with Developing & Deploying a High End Ecommerce websites like Flipkart/Netflix/Zomato 


MskillO Programs are  flexible to learn at your convenient time. However, we suggest you to follow a consistent time every day. Attend our Free Weekly Master Classes to gain Real-World Knowledge. Invest minimum 2-3 Hours per day to Get good befenifts from our Platform

Undoubtedly YES, Our Advanced Full Stack Program is 100% Job Guaranteed, Our Motto is Learn. Mentored. GetHired. Our 9 Tracks Course is Designed by Experienced IIT Professionals which Helps you to kickstart Developing High End Web Applications from Day 1 of your job. We have a Dedicated HR Department in all top cities all over India, which helps in 1-1 Resume Building, Assisting in Interview schedules, tracking feedbacks from interviews etc. 

Yes, We have tie-ups with all Major banks & finance companies for EMI support. Please select EMI option while making payment.
We have a Hassle free Refunds process, Please check the refund policy here:

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