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Spread is a little bit high compare to other brokers..but withdrawals and customer support are very good.. I asked questions on chat before opening an account, most of the time they closed the chat or they were rude or they asked me to send an email because I make them losing time. So I sent an email as requested but I had to beg them to get a reply and once they reply me , they told me if I want to have answers to my questions I have to read TC.

IronFX forex broker

Researching to find a forex broker that will meet your needs is a better option. In addition to spread, you’ll also need to consider the minimum deposit required and any other fees the broker may apply, such as rollover costs , interest rates and withdrawal charges. IronFX traders are able to trade the markets using the widely used MetaTrader 4 trading platform, along with IronFX WebTrader, VPS Hosting, and Personal Multi Account Manager options. Spreads are subject to change frequently and can sometimes be tricky to keep track of. This is why platforms like MT4 are ideal for forex trading – it gives you the tools to properly track spreads, so you know when the perfect time to close your position comes. When a broker is regulated within the UK, you can typically expect to see stricter limitations on leverage.

Trading Hours:

Let’s say you want to purchase some euros , and you’ll be buying them with U.S. dollars . If the current EUR/USD price is 1.0950, it means you’ll be paying $1.0950 for each euro that you buy . You would initiate a sell trade , with the hope limefx company reviews of profiting when the price of the USD/EUR drops (which would reflect a weakening U.S. dollar). The payment method also comes with the PMA token, which is the means of value in the PumaPay system and works like most cryptocurrencies.

How long does it take to withdraw money from IronFX?

Deposits are free on all funding methods and are processed within 24 hours, which is around the industry average. However, it takes 48 hours on average for IronFX to process withdrawals, which is longer than most other brokers.

With so many different forex brokers to choose from, it is important to carry out the necessary research to find a reliable one. City Index provides several platforms, with its Web Trader and Advantage Apps aimed at beginner or casual traders, and MT4 and its own AT Pro platform for more experienced users. Unlike most brokers that offer a VPS, Switch Markets will give you a high-spec VPS completely free with your trading account – this is well worth it if you are an EA trader.


It means you only need to deposit a small amount of the total trade value to gain full exposure to the markets. In addition, you could potentially gain in rising and falling markets because CFDs are based on the difference between the buy and sell prices. The different bonuses and promotional offers and the live trading competition deserves a shout out.

Once you open an account, you will be able to use several types of payment methods, with a range of different base currencies to utilize while funding your account. It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these products will be profitable, or that they will not result in losses. Some of the largest banks in the world have been reprimanded for forex market price manipulation, a practice that is comparable to price gouging. Forex market price manipulation occurs when a bank purposefully alters execution prices for their clients (without their clients’ knowledge). The banks’ clients end up with falsely inflated trading costs, and the bank (or the bank’s senior traders) make money by skimming from their own clients’ funds. Some speculators may place large bets and treat trading forex like a gamble, believing they can get rich by taking concentrated positions in the forex market.

How to Run a Remote Business Better

MetaTrader 4 is one of the most popular and sophisticated trading platforms for CFDs and forex trading. IronFX Cash Rebate account holders will enjoy full access to all of the financial instruments offered by the firm, including forex, and CFDs on spot metals, stocks and futures. Micro and Premium account characteristics will apply depending on the amount that you deposit. There are no fees charged by the broker for either deposits or withdrawals.

  • Since you typically can’t view price movements at all times of the day, this type of automated trading is vital to ensure you don’t lose too much money if you are busy with something else.
  • Let’s have a look at what a trader can benefit from and has to manage in IronFX broker services.
  • For example, if you predicted that the value of the pound was going to increase, you could open a position against the GBP/USD currency pair.
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